Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Hair That's Taking Over The Nation

So, you know how there's that bit in Margaret Cho's hilarious I'm the One that I Want where she's talking about how the ABC network told her her face was too big to be on American TV? Yeah, remember that? And she was all "I had no idea I was this GIANT FACE TAKING OVER AMERICA!!!!HERECOMESTHEFAAAAACE!!!"


Well, that's what I thought about this new poster for Sex and the City, except instead of Sarah Jessica Parker's face, it's her hair. HER GIANT HAIR!!!HERECOMESTHEHAAAIR!!! I imagine the States will just be a big giant mass of hair by the end of next week.

It's called a salon, love.

At least this confirms though that Sex and the City: The Movie is rated R in America - for "STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT, GRAPHIC NUDITY AND LANGUAGE". If it were to be PG-13 I think I'd shoot someone.

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Catherine said...

I wonder what certificate it will get in Ireland? Cause my sister wants to see it with me and she's only 15...

Anyway, I. cannot. wait. for this film. All my friends are hyped up about this too. It's the only film I think we've EVER been simultaneously been excited about.