Friday, May 30, 2008


I'm sure every town has certain jokes that only people from that town could understand, and Geelong - my hometown and birthtown to the likes of Guy Pearce and, as I make frequent mention of because she's awesome, Portia de Rossi - is overflowing with them. Whether they be jokes about the Eureka (aka "Spewreka", so nicknamed because everyone who's ever been there has thrown up violently) or the city council's desperate desire to become a "tourism destination", they're pretty much only of any worth to people who have lived here and had the life sucked right outta them by the soul-sapping tentacles of our violent nightlife.

So it was with incredibly amusement that I read DefamerAU making a Wool Museum joke in an article about Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi visiting our "sleepy hollow"! Why Geelong has a wool museum I have never quite been able to figure out, but we have one and it bares repeating because, really, what town has a wool museum? Honestly!

...we hope Ellen enjoys her time in G-Town. Maybe she can visit the National Wool Museum!

NB: that is not some sort of celebrity lesbian in-joke/code, it's just something to do in Geelong.

It's sad, but true. From the website "The National Wool Museum was established in 1988 as Australia's only comprehensive museum of wool." Really. Geelong > New York City, any day of the week!

ooh, thrilling!

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