Saturday, May 10, 2008

From Great to Shit in One Easy Step

Let's look at the original theatrical poster for Ben Affleck's Oscar-nominated crime flick Gone Baby Gone:

Ooh, moody. Looks really good, love the lighting and Casey Affleck's pose feels like it mirrors the tagline "Everyone wants the truth... Until they find it." Especially having seen the movie just yesterday that line and the image ring true.

Now, let's take a look at the DVD artwork:

Say wha...?

Starfucking is one thing, but dayum! And not even one single solitary mention of the fact that the movie received a freakin' Academy Award nomination or any of the other 16 wins/nominations that supporting actress Amy Ryan received! And the change of taglines to "Hope begins where the secrets end"? What does that even mean? If you've seen the movie then you know hope most certainly does not begin when the secrets end. They've also brightened the sunset in the background so now it's more pretty than mournful atmospherics.

And do you notice that the buildings in the distance are different in the poster and the DVD? Really, what is the point of editing Casey Affleck onto a different skyline? Is there something offputting about the skyline from the poster? Something as offputting as Ben Affleck's name, which doesn't appear on either the poster or the DVD art?

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adam k. said...

It's really rather sick, and inexplicable, why there's no mention of EITHER Amy Ryan or Ben Affleck on this cover. Those are, after all, the two main reasons anybody saw this in theaters. They must think Casey Affleck has one hell of a fanbase, or else I don't know how they think they're trying to sell it.

The false upliftingness of it is quite troubling, too... I really think they'd have better luck if they showed it for what it is... i.e. an oscar-nominated dark drama directed by Ben Affleck.