Thursday, May 8, 2008

Exploiting Oz

With the Sydney Film Festival announcing their line up it's time for the Melbourne International Film Festival to start whispering about what they're going to be programming. I went last year and had a blast seeing movies like David Lynch's INLAND EMPIRE and Zhang Ke Jia's Still Life amongst others.

In yesterday's The Age I came across this delightful piece of information:

Complimenting the premiere of Not Quite Hollywood will be a season of "Ozploitation" films, which includes a rare screening of Brian Trenchard-Smith's Dead End Drive-In, hailed as one of the greats by Ozploitation aficionado Quentin Tarantino (whose invitation to participate in the festival is in the mail, we are told).

Many months ago whilst researching the 100 Greatest Film Posters of All Time countdown I came across the poster for Dead End Drive-In (below) and fell in love with it. Ever since then I have wanted to see this flick, but the only method of doing so was by purchasing it off of eBay.

Guess what I did just last week?

Yeah, you guessed right. I had purchased it just last week!

Thankfully it was only $11 (inc. postage) so even if it's bad I won't lose out too much. But, I guess, if it is really good then maybe I should try and see it on the big screen of the Melbourne International Film Festival with, hopefully, Quentin Tarantino on hand.

Fun Fact - Dead End Drive-In stars Lyn Collingwood. LYN COLLINGWOOD, people! She's Colleen! COLLEEN, people! COLLEEN!!!!

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