Monday, May 5, 2008

Dannii's Xanadu

Here is a clip I meant to post about last week. It's international music sensation Kylie's sister Dannii Minogue performing the Olivia Newton-John classic "Xanadu" on the finale of that awful It Takes Two "talent" show. Now, Dannii has actually recorded a version of this track for her Club Disco album, which got a digital release last year and is now getting a physical release here in Australia. It features all her singles since 2003's Neon Nights (stuff like "Perfection", "You Won't Forget About Me" and her best song ever, give or take "Disrememberance", "So Under Pressure") as well as a bunch of new stuff. The version of "Xanadu" on Club Disco, however, is much more... erotic. Yes, that's a good way of describing it. All sensual and slow-burn.

Anyway, watch it and enjoy the universe implode in a ball of gayness. Hazaa!

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