Wednesday, May 28, 2008

100 Greatest Movie Posters: #9 - The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)
Directed by Tobe Hooper
Poster Designed by Bryanston Pictures
Film Nationality - USA
Poster Nationality - USA

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Way back at number 64 on the countdown (so... long... ago... I apologize for taking so long) I mentioned that I thought Alien had the second greatest tag line OF ALL TIME. Say hello to number one.



Oh to be in the room when that was created. It is genius.

I have said so many times throughout this countdown that it's impossible to count that horror movies need something extra to get people to see them. They're not respectable, you see. However, when a movie poster not only shows you it's killing psychopath holding his weapon of choice in front of a woman hanging from the ceiling, you're already pretty much set to go (no such thing as "hide the monster" here). Yet then to throw on something a brazenly sick and twisted as that tagline? It equals the ninth greatest poster of all time.

Eli Roth could also take a few lessons from his poster. You don't need to show decapitated naked women (an image I still refuse to ever put on Stale Popcorn) to appear shocking and brutal. God I hate Eli Roth, but that's neither here nor there at this moment of time.


RC said...

i do know how you hate Eli Roth.

That's like the tag line that someone thinks up but everyone shoots down...but this time they went with it and put in on the poster.

it's pretty brutal...wordy, but not in a bad way.

Good call on this one. I don't think i've ever seen this poster before (or heard it's tag line)

Glenn said...

It's just so simple, but it works so well. And it doesn't have to show the person looking at this poster severed body parts to get the message across that, well, people die and there's a chainsaw involved.

Jeff McMahon said...

I love Eli Roth. It helps that his movies are comedies, not horror movies like TCM.