Sunday, May 4, 2008

100 Greatest Movie Posters: #24 - The Italian Job

The Italian Job (1969)
Directed by Peter Collinson
Unknown Designer
Film Nationality - UK
Poster Nationality - UK

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Not only is this poster for the 1969 original The Italian Job effortlessly cool - much like the movie itself - what with star Michael Caine sitting in a leather chair wearing a fashionable (Italian, I presume?) suit with shiny black boots and leather gloves holding a cup of coffee and a big gun. And then you throw in the topless girl that hints to you about the "sexy thrills" that will follow.

I just love the idea of using a woman's bare back to show the audience what "the italian job" exactly is (aka, a heist) and I think it's a really original method of doing so. Michael Caine sitting with his gun and coffee is great, but sitting alongside a naked map? Classic.

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