Tuesday, May 6, 2008

100 Greatest Movie Posters: #23 - Aelita: Queen of Mars

Aelita: Queen of Mars (1924)
Directed by Yakov Protazanov
Poster Designed by Borisov
Film Nationality - Soviet Union
Poster Nationality - Soviet Union

You know, I looked at many many posters in the research for this project and one thing that I routinely came across were posters for science fiction films that didn't take advantage of the fact that their movie was set in space. And then came along this poster - although at the time I thought it was for a movie called Journey to Mars, yet no movie by that title seems to exist and this Aelita title was the closest to it - which, even though the film it represents is hardly even set in space, still feels grand and epic in it's space-aginess (new word!)

Sure, I'm not expecting movies like Contact or the like to be all space age, but could it hurt Lost in Space (and it's ilk) to throw in some colour? Ya know? Meh, whatever, I still have this beautiful futuristic image to satisfy.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but this is not the poster from Aelita, its Voyage to Mars, another soviet science fiction work.

Appart from that, I've got to give lots of thanks to you because I've been searching for this poster for ages!

Have a nice day.

AndrewGrant said...

Are you sure this isn't for Aelita? I haven't been able to find a trace of an old "Путешествие на марс." I would love to know where to find it if it does exist.

Also, this poster was recycled by British Techno act "The Orb" for a single they released in the late 90s: DJ Asylum.