Thursday, May 22, 2008

100 Greatest Movie Posters: #13 - Chelsea Girls

Chelsea Girls (1966)
Directed by Paul Morrissey Andy Warhol
Poster Designed by Alan Aldridge
Film Nationality - USA
Poster Nationality - USA

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What is there to be said about this Alan Aldridge design for the poster for the Morrissey/Warhol film Chelsea Girls? There's really not much that can be said, is there? This piece of art just... is. A stunning piece of bravura that you either love or you don't. If you can't see what's so great about this piece of design by simply looking at it then nothing I, nor anyone else, can say is going to change your opinion.

This work would probably be higher in the countdown if it didn't feel so solely as a piece of art that was later used for a poster. The posters numbered 12-1 are all destinctly pieces of film art, whereas this Chelsea Girls poster feels like art used as a poster. Classic art, brilliant art, beguiling art.


JA said...

This doiesn't really have anything to do with thats tunning poster, but one of my proudest film geek moments was making it all the way through Chelsea Girls 3.5 hour running time (of two screens running simultaneously) without getting up and going to the bathroom or stretching or anything. That might not sound like that huge a feat if you haven't seen Chelsea Girls, but if you have, it's a fucking endurance test man. Nothing happens, besides a bunch of Warhol's obnoxious friends caterwauling and rolling around and doing drugs. I swear the theater at Moma was like 90% cleared out by the end of the movie, and I was the only one in my group of friends who never took a bathroom break. I'm the man, in other words.

And since it's such a meaningless, reward-less feat to have accomplished, I have to bring it up whenever given the chance so it feels like I get something out of the experience.

Glenn said...

Next, you'll have to make it through Empire!

Merritt said...

While this may feel like art used later a poster, it was actually created by Aldridge explicitly for the London premiere of Chelsea Girls in 1968. The Arts Lab, a hip Swinging London advertising agency, commissioned the job on a shoestring to promote Warhol's underground film. Definitely one of the most original and stunning movie posters ever. When Warhol saw it, he told Aldridge he wished the movie had been as good as the poster.