Monday, May 26, 2008

100 Greatest Movie Posters: #11 - The Birds

The Birds (1963)
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Poster Designed by Bronislaw Zelek
Film Nationality - USA
Poster Nationality - Poland

Something about this Polish Zelek-designed poster for Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds just CREEPS ME OUT! It wasn't even originally on the countdown, until I reconsidered and threw it in towards the other end of the chart and then every time I glanced at the thumbnail in the desktop file I have all these images saved in I'd go "That's actually way better than I'm giving it credit for". And so by the time I got to #50 I was still pushing it up a place or two before finally settling in to it's now comfortable place at number 11.

It's just really unsettling, isn't it? The evil skull with it's unnatural - doubling the creep factor - wings surrounded by the word "Ptaki", trailing it like a flock of - what I can only assume "ptaki" translates as - birds. And all on a canary yellow background?!?! aaagh!!

Sure, it helps that the film is bloody scary to begin with, but I think this poster works even outside of the film. I can't put my finger exactly on what it is though that makes it work as well as it does. It's like a case of the poster being the sum of it's parts... and then some (...and then some more). I don't think it has any right to be as good as it is, but it is that's a feat in itself.

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qnz#1blogger said...

Very unsettling. The writing is maniacal if I must say, just like the birds were. It represents the picture perfectly