Sunday, April 6, 2008

What They're On

I find myself growing more and more fond of the new single by the Rogue Traders, "What You're On". I am in awe of those opening 12 seconds - that synth is filthy in the best possible way - and I really like the way that they seem to have taken their mainstream electronic music less radio-friendly territory.

And then we have the video clip.

And there we have the video clip.

I am, yet again, in awe of the opening 12 seconds or so with those amazing (AMAZING!) black and white shots of the Brooklyn Bridge, New York City and the sinister HOTEL sign. But from there? Well, I can definitely see the Madonna influence (they're on record as saying they were inspired by Madge's "Justify My Love") but a few PG-rated naughty bits don't make it risque. And other than that it's kind of a silly clip involving Natalie Bassassassingsassingthwaighte trying to escape from a burlesque club. Then James Ash shows up and then it ends. If you can make more of it then well done!

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