Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well Played, Poster: The Black Waters of Echo Pond

I don't know what this movie is, but it sounds ridiculous - The Black Waters of Echo Pond? Really? Oh well, so be it. However, I do love the two posters for it that I have seen, curtesy of IMP. Click them to enlarge.

A whole big fuss was made over last year's multiple posters for the Planet Terror/Death Proof double feature Grindhouse. Everybody loved them, me included, but I didn't think they looked entirely like real grindhouse posters. These two posters for Echo Pond look exactly like the types of posters they're referencing - 1980s slasher flicks.

I'd love them even if it were only the tea-stained look of the border to the intentional fold creases, but the images used are brilliantly done, too. The mysterious darkened face looking over the water - very Cape Fear - reminds me of the only place I ever used to see these sort of images, on the VHS covers at the video store. I'd always peruse the horror sections and see images like these and want to see them. click here for more on those childhood memories.

And now I want to see this movie. Although, I wouldn't be surprised to discover it's actually a comedy and they're taking the piss out of the genre. But that still doesn't stop these posters from being gloriously made replicants of a bygone era.

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