Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We Interrupt Your Scheduled Programming

We'll go back to regular programming in a brief moment. I would just like to make swift mention of this online petition. If it gets up to one million signings then "director" Uwe Boll (he of House of the Dead, Bloodrayne and Alone in the Dark starring Tara Reid and Christian Slater teehee) will quit "making" movies.

It cannot be said enough how much this needs to happen. Even if you don't see his "movies" (yet there are still some who do. i stopped after the ridiculously awful House of the Dead) you should still sign it. Uwe Boll's existance in the movie-making industry only encourages others like him to do the same. I mean, I know if he quits then somebody else will just come along and take his place as the go-to guy for oh-so-terrible computer game adaptations - his next "film" is Postal - but a world without Uwe Boll in particularly making his "movies" is a world I want to love in.

And if he fails to quit then we can just cause to hurl rocks at him! The petition is already over the 100,000 marker, let's get it to a million!

Thank you,

Your lovely Stale Popcorn writer/editor,


I'm a douchebag!

Sign the Petition


J.D. said...

I've already signed it twice. I'm gonna go sign it again!

Barry said...

No No No No.
I've only seen Alone in the Dark (horrible, dreadful, cringe inducing movie), but even if it gets to the million mark, I highly doubt he will stop making movies.