Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Madonna Videoclip

Here it is on YouTube, although it was supposed to premiere on TickTockTV it still doesn't appear to be up. Have a watch and then agree with my comments below!

Okay, so I get what they were doing with that whole... crystalisation thing (is that what you would call it?) as a representation of the end of the world, but those visual effects are totally dodgy. I figure they should've just gone balls out and shown the world falling apart (like, say, the series finale of Buffy). And at the end they should've made Madge and Justin disintergrate into mere skeletons. I mean, this is a video clip with lots of money being spent on it so why not? If Bjork can do that sort of crazy stuff on clips why can't Madonna?

The song meanwhile has dimmed in my mind. Timbaland's intro is still rockin', but the rest has settled into a "it's pretty good" groove and isn't anything spectacular. Have you guys heard the song "Candy Shop" produced by Pharell? it's aaaawful! I'm officially worried.


Dame James Henry said...

Wow, I really over-hyped this video in my mind. That was no where near as cool as I thought it was going to be or as it could have been. The Madonna and JT are both talented dancers, so why wasn't there more of that? And I thought that there was supposed to be some sort of superhero theme, where was that? I really gayed it up in my mind, I guess, because I kept imagining tight leather outfits and The Madonna whipping JT (I have no idea why, in hindsight, because that too has nothing to do with superheroes).

At least The Madonna was looking really good. And the song is still a winner! Love this new direction she's taking.

Kamikaze Camel said...

It's definitely no "Hung Up" clip, is it? Although Madge straddling that flashing neon boombox will always be hard to beat!