Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Weekend of Silence

Hey guys, I'm giving y'all the heads up that I won't be around this weekend. Tomorrow (well, technically today by now) is ANZAC day, which is the day where Australians honour the men and women who have fought in wars, but especially WWI and WWII. What with the recent discovery of HMAS Sydney - our worst sea war catastrophe? - it just makes the day a whole lot more significant. The Australian Film Institute is holding a public air screening in Federation Sq of the Aussie classic Gallipoli, if any Melbourne readers are free. Get there early to reserve for deck chair!

So with tomorrow being ANZAC Day I'm going to take advantage of my friends being off work for the day and take the day off too. Friday the 25th is also the Day of Silence, which is such a worthy cause. As someone who experienced his fair share of school harassment I'm all for anything that highlights it. Be silent! I mean, I know the thing is for students, but if it's good enough for Larry King then it's good enough for you.

And then on Saturday I have my brother's wedding, so that should be funsies. He's 26 and he's marrying a lovely gal so I'm excited for that. Plus, if y'all play your cards right you'll totally get photos of me looking swanky in a suit. Hazaa!

And because I can, I'll probably take Sunday off as well. I'll be exhausted from working so much this past week and all the weekend festivities. If the wedding reception finishes at an appropriate time I shall be heading on over to the 25th shindig for the glorious Adem with an e - happy birthday Adem!

So, yes, have a great weekend folks. All you Aussies out there, have a great long weekend! All the rest of you just... i dunno... have a fine ordinary weekend. Matthew Maconaughey demands it!

I'll see you on the other side of Sunday! And don't forget to pick up your very own copy of Madonna's Hard Candy. I'm not that big on it (it brings an end to her brilliant run of albums that began with Ray of Light in '99) but it's definitely a better purchase than almost everything else that's out at the moment. "Too old" be damned!

With love from your faithful Stale Popcorn writer,


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