Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mmmm... Cake

You find the darndest things on YouTube! While I was writing an entry that I will post later tonight I came across this, apparently, rare video clip for 1980s Germany pop star Fancy's "Slice Me Nice". Love the song - it has the brilliant lyric "I'm like a cake that wants to be baked" - but the video is more of a puzzle as Fancy follows multiple women (or the same one in different outfits? who knows) around an old ruined building singing about how he wants them to "cut me in to - slice me nice!"

...sure. Whatever works for him, I suppose.

I must confess to loving the comment left by Shalozby:

He looks like what would be if Liberace and Bea Arthur had a kid and Bea did his hair for him.

Haha. You know what though, if he had said Dudley Moore and Bea Arthur, then I'd be in total agreement. It also came as no surprise to learn he's good friends with Seigfred and Roy. Slice me nice!


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Adem With An E said...


"Flames Of Love" and "Chinese Eyes", although not lyrically, are equally as amazing musically.