Friday, April 18, 2008

A Madonna Moment 19/04/08

Today I have for you Madonna's infamous 1989 Pepsi commercial. I'm not sure what any of it has to do with Pepsi, but I'm sure that was the point. For whatever reason it was banned and taken off the air (the use of the song "Like a Prayer" was the catalyst, I'm sure).

This was also from the days when Madonna was controversial but also young. You see, she could get away with it then, but now that she's over 40 whenever she does something risque people tell her she's old and should just retire. I actually read in the Sunday Herald Sun last week the usually quite intelligent Robyn Riley stating that Kylie Minogue should retire because she can no longer pull off the "showgirl" act, or whatever.

That's it Robyn! The moment a woman (the entire gender that you're a champion for) reaches their expiry date they should pack it in and move to a farm so that nobody has to look at them. I'd hate to think of what she thinks of Madonna. Yikes.

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Trey said...

I think the deal with the commercial was that it premiered right before the video did, and Pepsi pulled it once the video attracted all the controversy.