Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Madonna Moment 18/04/08

Eep, I'm very late today. I've been busy!

Today we have the original uncensored (apart from language) video for "American Life". The album it comes from, also titled American Life, is famous for being Madge's biggest flop, which is a damn shame considering it's - for me - one of her very very best albums. It'd definitely be in my top three, that's for sure. The album cover is my favourite Madonna cover though, for sure.

The song is much better than people give it credit for. The infamous rap is satirical tongue-in-cheek stuff, yet people actually got offended because she's rapping about have five nannies and a jet (amongst many other things). Doy!

But it's this original video clip that is the truly brilliant thing to come out of American Life. Unfortunately it was taken off the air around the world and replaced that that silly flag video. Ugh. The "American Life" video is, again, one of my very favourite Madonna clips. I love the little touches such as her salute before the cooper crashes onto the runway, or the disapproving woman in the front row. I love how if this video were made today people would be hailing it. I love that it shows off how complacent people were about the war, as if it were a fashion show that we'd see on the news and then it'd be over. I love the message is shows about the cult of celebrity and how we worship it over human life. I love the editing at the end when Madonna is on the catwalk and as she drives off into the audience. I love it all. Except that flag greenscreen shit.

And lastly I love that Madonna has dark hair. I love her with dark hair. She's definitely hottest with dark hair!


Dame James Henry said...

People make fun of me for liking this song because of that rap, but I think it's brilliant. The rest of it's quite amazing too- the most underrated song of her career.

Adem With An E said...

One of her best songs from her second best (sometimes actual best, depending on my mood) record. And yes, she absolutely DOES look better with dark hair; cuts at least 10 years off her face.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I've been listening to it a lot the last few days and I really think it's definitely her second best album and, as you say, could be her best if it strikes me.

Plus, I don't get how completely rational people can't see that the rap is a piss take!

She never looked better than the "Like a Prayer" clip with her dawk hair, no?