Monday, April 21, 2008

Love Veronica

For reasons unknown to me, I completely forgot that The Veronicas were releasing a new single and thus a new video and so I forgot to present it to you guys.

The Veronicas are one of the best pop acts to come around in a long time. Their Hook Me Up album from last year was stunning. For their third single off the album after "Hook Me Up" and "Untouched" they have gone with "This Love". I wouldn't have chosen it, personally, but every song on that album is great so there ya go. I'm still terrified that they're not going to release "Someone Wake Me Up", which is a masterpiece waiting for #1. I'd also love to see the bratty "Popular" released if only for the video clip. It's begging for a video clip.

Anyway, here is "This Love".

That was shit.

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Dame James Henry said...

Yay for The Veronicas! Hook Me Up is incredible! "This Love" was one of the first Veronicas songs I heard and I really loved it. So glad it's the next single!