Monday, March 31, 2008

Inside the Last Days of Violence

I was watching the French film Dans Paris (aka Inside Paris) this morning and thought this shot towards the end was quite lovely. It's of one of the film's stars, Louis Garrel, standing in front of two movie posters as he walks the streets of Paris at night. The movies are Last Days (which stars Garrel's The Dreamers co-star Michael Pitt) and A History of Violence. I like seeing movie posters in films for some reason. I just get a kick out of it. Plus, I just like the shot.

Dans Paris has a few more virtues though than just this short moment. It's a thoroughly new wave-esque film about two brothers, one a sex-craved student and the other a manic-depressive recovering from the breakdown of his marriage. It's too schizophrenic for it's own good, weaving in and out around storylines without a care in the world, which takes some getting used to. The criss-crossed editing doesn't help matters, either. For a while I wasn't sure where we were. However, Romain Duris, quickly becoming a fave of mine (he's probably most well known for The Beat My Heart Skipped) is very excellent as the depressed brother. And, well, he's Romain Duris so the movie has that going for it already. Just check out these caps from this charming scene where Duris sings along to a Kim Wilde record ("Cambodia" if you were wondering). Isn't he scrumptious?

He's got a job to do. Fly to Australia and ravage me, that's what!

Dans Paris, B-

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