Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Final Madonna Moment 25/04/08

Today is the final Madonna Moment as the album Hard Candy is finally released tomorrow on the 26th of April, although if you're lucky enough it'll already be in stores today. I got Kylie Minogue's X a day early, so go have a look at your local JB HiFi or wherever it is that you go.

Today's clip is a very early one, and one of her very very best songs - "Borderline". And the video is awesome. I wish I grew up in this time. Oh well. I guess I'll never get to wear legwarmers, oversized jackets, neon and be able to get away with big hair (i have short hair, you see!) before making it as a DANCER!

I hope y'all have enjoyed this run of Madonna moments, it's been a blast discovering and rediscovering these clips. And don't forget to run out and purchase Hard Candy tomorrow the 26th (or the Monday the 29th if you're in America). Enjoy!

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