Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Do you think the Weinsteins will see the dailies?"

The above is a hilarious quote, spoken by Malcolm McDowell in the blooper reel (oh yes, there's a blooper reel!) to Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween. "Do you think the Weinsteins will see the dailies?" he asks at the end of a particularly bizarre blooper where he and Brad Dourif act high as a kites and talk about all sorts of strange stuff. I can only imagine though that the Weinsteins did not, in fact, see the dailies.

If they did, perhaps they'd say "more Sheri Moon Zombie, please!" or "how come the people in this town are deaf and can't seem to hear anything of what's going on?" or "why is Laurie Strode so unlikable?" or even "this scene where Michael Meyers acts all sad in front of Laurie and her dead best friend is completely ridiculous!"

Just a hunch. I did like that they used "Love Hurts" by Nazareth, though. That was nice. C

It's your own fault this movie is naff.

Didn't Harvey Weinstein say he'd shoot himself if Cate Blanchett lost the Oscar this year? Hmmmph


adam k. said...

No, he just said he'd shoot himself if she wasn't nominated. Unfortunately.

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