Monday, April 28, 2008

100 Greatest Movie Posters: Three Quarter Round-Up

Well, isn't this fun? We only have 24 posters to go through until you discover what I have as the single greatest movie poster of all, which - I'll be honest - is a terrifying thought. I know you're all gonna be "REALLY?", but you will all just gonna have to learn to deal with it, okay?!

By now you have surely realised that I like posters with strong and original central ideas to them. So while I love the poster for, let's say, Casablanca - a poster routinely named one of the greatest posters ever - I prefer the visual trickery of Rushmore or the brave sexuality of Blue Velvet, so you know the posters that are to follow will be strong original and, naturally, stunning.

But before the top 25 let's take a look at the 74 posters that came before.

100. I Shot Andy Warhol
99. Andy Warhol's Bad
98. The Holy Mountain
97. Salón México
96. Diva
95. The Breakfast Club
94. The Triumph of the Will
93. Chungking Express
92. Holy Smoke!
91. Swimming Pool
90. Vanishing Point
89. Needful Things
88. Dead & Buried
87. Lost in Translation
86. Ordinary People
85. The General
84. The Cranes are Flying
83. Scanners
82. Irreversible
81. American Gigolo
80. Blow-Up
79. Mulholland Drive
78. The Thing
77. All Neat in Black Stockings
76. The Producers

75. Sullivan's Travels
74. Gallipoli
73. American Psycho
72. Black Orpheus
71. Teorema
70. The Blair Witch Project
69. Tootsie
68. The Fan
67. 42nd Street
66. Hard Candy
65. 2001: A Space Odyssey
64. Alien
63. Escape from New York
62. Pink Flamingos
61. House of Wax
60. Gone with the Wind
59. A Nightmare on Elm Street
58. Mean Streets
57. Straw Dogs
56. Phantom of the Paradise
55. A Clockwork Orange
54. Casablanca
53. The Testament of Dr Mabuse
52. American Gangster
51. Bunny Lake is Missing

50. Fatal Attraction
49. Amarcord
48. Metropolis
47. Look at Me
46. The Day of the Locust
45. Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
44. Rushmore
43. Footlight Parade
42. Mona Lisa
41. Czar of Broadway
40. Blue Velvet
39. The Center of the World
38. Out of Sight
37. Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold
36. All About Eve
35. Lolita
34. The Silence of the Lambs
33. The Seven Year Itch
32. The Evil Dead
31. Eraserhead
30. Dial M for Murder
29. Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid
28. The City
27. Pulp Fiction
26. Mad Max

Coming up in the countdown we have classic horror, noir and romantic comedy. We have silent films, we have documentaries, we even have some experimental cinema. We have men with cameras on their face, women with hair made from flames, flying skulls and a very accessible piece of the female anatomy. All leading up to the number one poster of all time (according to me). Yay!

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