Friday, April 4, 2008

100 Greatest Movie Posters: #32 - The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead (1981)
Directed by Sam Raimi
Unknown Designer
Film Nationality - USA
Poster Nationality - USA

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I've said it time and time again that horror movies need a great poster. Being a much-maligned genre means that they need to make sure the movie is SOLD through a central image or idea and that's what this poster for Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead does. It presents a striking image of a woman who seems to be half-buried being attacked by a hand also coming out of the ground. The deep blue of the background helps, too, and I like that it isn't a typical red colour.

The poster makes the movie look horrific and frightening, which is just what it needed and I love the use of a Stephen King quote. If you're gonna put quotes on your poster why not put one on by somebody everybody knows and not some Idaho local newsrag critic claiming "Amazing!" (or whatever), which seems to happen far to regularly.

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qnz#1blogger said...

Great poster. If only the movie was scary this would've ranked higher