Wednesday, April 23, 2008

100 Greatest Movie Posters: #26 - Mad Max

Mad Max (1979)
Directed by George Miller
Unknown Designer
Film Nationality - Australia
Poster Nationality - USA

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If it weren't already for the iconic pose or the stunning use of the colour I'd love this poster for another reason - SEX. So rarely do men get sexualised on action movie posters in a way that isn't camp (ie; when they're not dressed in superhero costumes). But on this poster for George Miller's original exploitation flick Mad Max there it is. Not incredibly blatant, but it's there. The small leather jacket revealing the defined muscles above the waist of the pants and at the neck. See it? This man is totally being portrayed as a man that is to be desired.

And, well, if you've seen the movie and Mel Gibson in it then you'd be forgiven for thinking of other things as the movie plods along. Sure, he's a freak now, but back then he was dynamite. I love that this poster acts a sort of "see him now with his helmet on because you won't be able to stop looking when it comes off!"

Also, that tag line is gold. GOLD!



i appreciate the sexualization though i'm not sure Mel does ;)

but i don't like the poster much. It seems so B movie. Not that Max Max wasn't but... a

anyway what were we atlking about...

Glenn said...

Well, this is the American poster for one of those crazy international movies. They couldn't advertise it as anything serious.

JA said...

Mmm Mel Gibson in Mad Max... with his legs broken crawling along the hot pavement in leather pants... yessir.

fascist-utopia said...

yes! great review of the poster. it is hawt hawt hawt.

qnz#1blogger said...

Hey kamikaze, great list but I think the poster for mad max 2 aka road warrior is better. The one with the two men 1/2 way out of frame. Have you seen it?