Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Who Needs a BAFTA Award?

Or a Golden Globe for that matter? Because, quite obviously, the makers of brit drama Atonement would rather the Best Film trophy from the FilmInk Awards, presented tonight in Sydney. You dare disagree?

Cate Blanchett's performance as Bob Dylan won her yet another award for Best Performance by an Australian Actor in a Overseas Movie. I have a feeling that one day Cate is going to pull the ultimate biopic wildcard and play herself in a movie called Cate the Great. People would start frothing at the mouth!

Emma Booth won for Best Australian Newcomer for her role in Clubland, Bra Boys (narrated by Russell Crowe) won for Best Documentary probably because tonnes of people, while, unfortunately, Romulus My Father won for Best Australian film. You'd think for an awards show hosted by Brendan Cowell they could have given the award to the actual best Australian film of the year, Noise.

John Travolta won - wait for it - Best Hair while the movie he won it for, Hairspray, won Best Musical. Bart Simpson even won an award! For Best Nude Scene.

And now compare this fun award show to, like, the MTV ones and I think we can all tell which is best, can't we?

one day I will rule you all!!!

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