Monday, March 3, 2008

Well Played, Poster: No Country for Old Men [Japanese Edition]

I was at IMP today (as I tend to be a lot) and came across this Japanese poster for recent Oscar-winner No Country for Old Men. Now, I never thought any of the posters for this flick were particularly great - they were good, sure, but they lacked something - and I've never been a fan of Japanese posters - too all over the place and messy - yet, put the two together and you get this design and... well, damn. I really like it.

[click to enlarge]

How cool is that? It's like a Critereon DVD cover! Sure, they couldn't have used this design in America - too... avant-garde, perhaps - but I think it's the best design for the movie.

I also happen to love the new Japanese posters for Wes Anderson's The Darjeeling Limited as well as the one for upcoming pig fantasy Penelope. Both are far and away the best designs for their respective films. The Darjeeling particularly feels kind of special. It reminds me of an old poster, the ones that looked like they had been painted and it definitely gets the charm of the film across much better than the American design. The Penelope one is just cute, and it gets bonus points for throwing Christina Ricci on there in full on pig-mode, unlike the other editions of the poster which cover it up or place it in silhouette. That and doesn't it just totally strike you as a book cover that you would see for a fairy tale?

[click to enlarge]

What say you? Do you agree?

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