Sunday, March 16, 2008

UMA's Original Score

I'm confused. I came across the below image at this website (from it's November archive). It's Radiohead musician - and There Will Be Blood scorist (?) - Jonny Greenwood holding an Oscar statue. I assume it's a photoshopped job, because how else could it exist?

Doesn't he look like a younger, hipper Peter Gallagher crossed with Lurch from The Addams Family? No? Oh, well.

I've been listening to Greenwood's There Will Be Blood soundtrack a lot today. It really is a shame that it was disqualified from the Oscars (I'm not sure what pieces of music are unoriginal, unfort) because the score was totally great and the above picture should have come to fruition. "Future Markets" is my obvious favourite. But I thought I'd take a quick minute to go through some of my favourite original scores from the year. Ones that may or may not show up amongst my five nominees for Best Original Score at the upcoming UMA Awards. Will Greenwood be triumphant or will one of these other talented musos (or somebody I'm not even mentioning?) sneak in and steal the prize?

Dario Marianelli

Graham Tardiff
Dr Plonk

Alexandre Desplat
The Golden Compass

James Newton Howard
Michael Clayton

Robert Rodriguez
Planet Terror

Michael Giacchino

François Tétaz

Roger Mason

Tamiya Terajima
Tales from Earthsea

Jonny Greenwood
There Will Be Blood


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