Friday, March 21, 2008

"Too early for the 'c-word'?"

I had the pleasure of taking in a show last night at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Stephen K Amos at the Town Hall, and it is a riot! If you have the chance to see him perform, make sure you do. I felt like I really needed this, too because the early parts of his act are essentially mocking brainless idiots (or "early man" as he calls them) and the last few days I have been privy to more brainless idiots than I care to acknowledge. Even on the train ride up to Melbourne this lady who I had never seen before in my life came up to me and started asking questions about who I like to have sex with. Like I said; brainless idiots.

And doesn't everyone like a good Adelaide joke?

So, yes, make sure you get along to see his show. It's an hour of laugh-out-loud comedy.

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