Thursday, March 27, 2008

This Week on Australian Screens

Cinema Releases for the Week 27/03/08

After Him - This French drama stars Catherine Deneuve as a woman who becomes friends with her dead son's best friend.

The Dinner Guest - Yet another French comedy. This time with Daniel Auteuil. Yawn. Wake me when this screens on SBS next year.

Never Back Down - Shouldn't this movie star Channing Tatum?

The Spiderwick Chronicles - This fantasy tale stars Freddie Highmore, which means I'm instantly disinterested. It's also showing in IMAX.

Step Up 2 the Streets - This was actually out last week, but I forgot. Big loss. It amuses me that the ads on TV give it a hypothetical colon after the "2".

St Trinians - Doesn't this British boarding school comedy just look awful (everybody: "Yes!") It's times like this that I shake my head in disbelief that Rupert Everett (who stars as a headmistress here) complains about the Ocean's movies being blights on society. Seriously, you're in freakin' St Trinians!

DVD Releases for the Week 27/03/08

Into the Wild - Sean Penn's movie about a young guy who decided he hated his parents for wanting to give him a car once he finished college. Most people should be so lucky! The kid then decides to put his family through hell by not telling them that he's going "into the wild" with no experience or knowledge. Oh, and apparently he's a "hero" or something. :/

Lions for Lambs - Robert Redford directs himself, Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise in this talky talky politico drama. Snooze central, apparently.


Catherine said...

I think "St. Trinians" is the worst film I've ever seen. It's truly awful - not only is it sloppily-shot, poorly-acted, lazy, morally reprehensible slop but it's UNFUNNY sloppily-shot, poorly-acted, lazy, morally reprehensible slop! I was literally bored sitting there in the cinema, wishing it would get enjoyably campy or dirty or funny- but nothing.

Adem With An E said...

And yet, I'm still going on Sunday to see it.

I don't care how small their cameo is; I'll pay good money to see Girls Aloud on a cinema screen in Australia, and that's just that.

Catherine said...

I'm a huuuuue Girls Aloud fan and even their presence wasn't enough to salvage it. I mean, there's loads of people whom I like in it (Stephen Fry, Lena Headey, Rupert Evert, Celia Imrie, Lily Cole etc) but overall...

You're a braver man than I am!