Friday, March 14, 2008

This Week in WTF?!?

What do the following director's have in common?

Anthony Minghella!

Mira Nair!

Chan-Wook Park!

Joshua Marston!

The Hughes Brothers!

You want the answer? You begging for the answer? They all directing shorts in the upcoming omnibus film New York, I Love You. I think the same producers who made last year's Paris, je t'aime are also making this, although if they're not whoever it is is merely copying that film's title and premise, but whatever.

The "WTF?!?" aspect of it all comes about when you realise who one of the other directors is:

What. The. Fuck. ?!?.

Isn't it more bearable to have to look at him when he's standing next to Hugh Jackman?

Maybe his contribution to this love poem to New York City will be an elaborate stunt sequence involving motorcycles, fireworks, CGI elephants and scantily clad women waving flags. We can only hope...


Anonymous said...

Also, Scarlett Johansson!

Damn Hugh looks good there.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I was gonna put her on, but she's not really known as a director. For all we know, Brett Ratner possible is a better director than her (I hope not).

Catherine said...

Yeah, I remember browsing this film's credits on IMDB with interest, until I got to The Ratner and started to feel faint. I really, really, really want this film to be good. I loved "Paris, Je T'aime" - well, some of it - but I want this to be even better. I'm really familiar with Paris and so I wasn't as entranced by the romanticizing of it, yet New York is like this mythical land in my head that I've constructed images of, based on films and books and if this film doesn't add to the legacy I've created in my own mind, I'm gonna feel sorely let down.

That made...little sense. Oh, well. No matter what happens, they cannot top the Gena Rowlands or Margot Martindale segments in Paris Je t'aime.

Anonymous said...

I saw this movie last week, it was meeh but his segment wasn't that bad... so, after all this time, how would you rank/review it?