Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tell Me "Something Good"

To quote Rufus, do you want me to show you "something good"? Cause I will. It's kind of freaky that I've recently gotten back into the song "Something Good" by Utah Saints (from all the way back in 1992, heaven) and then, tada, it turns out they're rereleasing their classic track! Amazing.

This time it's more club dancey and less house rock, but that Kate Bush sample is still incredible - "Cloudbusting" if you want to know - and the video clip is... well, it's interesting, I'll give it that. It focuses around a dance move called "The Running Man" and it's worth a chuckle or too, especially the joke at the end involving a once-famous rapper. I think I prefer the original though (song and video). Probably because when I was a wee sprout and saw clips like it on morning music programs I committed them to memory and feel really connected to them. And most music clips for dance tracks these days are merely filled with scantily clad big breasted girls who can't act running up the stairs when they should be going out the front door. It's insulting.

Wait, that's something else entirely. But I'm right about the scantily clad big-breasted girls and the "Something Good '08" clip succumbs to it as well. Still, anything is better than yet another "Destination Calabria"-style clip. Oy...

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Adem With An E said...

And remixed by Van She no less!

The original is obviously still the best but the rehash gives it a good facelift. However, I heard the original out last night being played by the DJ warming up for Muscles at Barwon Heads Hotel; still sounds INCREDIBLY fresh out on loud speakers in a club.