Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Real McDreamy

I'm as happy as anyone to see Patrick Dempsey back in the limelight these last few years due to his work on Grey's Anatomy, a show I no longer watch after a disastrous season three. I love him outside of that show, but on it he always looks so depressed and mopey and with that permanent five o'clock shadow... it's just... no! But, yeah, throw him in a magazine or clean him up in worthless romantic comedies or and I'm all there.

But, his "McDreamy" is running at the back of the pack compared to this McDreamy - James McDreamyAvoy

Other possible names:

James McWhere'smyshirt?

James McWhoneedsclothes?

James McHowaboutmypantstoo?

Of course, this has already gone around the blog world, but who am I if not somebody to jump onto a bandwagon? NO ONE that's who!

I thought I was your number one James?

Yes, yes, of course you are Jamie, but until the next time you decide to strut around in next to no clothes there's no much I can do! So, chop chop, get to it!


sora said...


Colin said...

Jamie: Um, I didn't make Hallam Foe that long ago...

adam k. said...

Is he REALLY taking off his pants in that photo? I have to see it now.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I have no idea. I think he's putting pants on (like, he's quickly putting the belt on before putting a shirt on and running out the front door), but we can imagine can't we?