Sunday, March 16, 2008

The PNAU Effect

Earlier this year I extolled the brilliance of Pnau's self titled third album, placing it at #12 on my Top 25 Albums of 2007 countdown. It's a very great and amazing, and better than the stuff of Muscles, who everyone else seems to wanna jump into bed with.

The album had barely scratched the surface of the Top 100 ARIA charts when it was released, but I was pleased as punch to see the following on iTunes:

#1! I guess that's what happens when you combine a reduced price ($9.99, come on people, BUY IT!) with a tour announcement and a special on Video Hits. Of course, proving the point that people do actually still buy albums (contrary to popular belief), PNAU only ranks at #39 on the ARIA Album Chart, which combines online and physical sales. Still, no. 39 is a great step up from, like, 97 where they were before. Well done Australia, you're actually showing some taste (although Gyroscope is the #1 album in the country so maybe I spoke too soon).

I also like to imagine that those buying Pnau's album are also the ones buying Mr G's Naughty Girl. GENIUS!

Below are the (additively bonkers) clips for Pnau's "Wild Strawberries" (which always reminds me of the artwork for Attack of the Killer Tomatoes) and "Baby". Enjoy.


Adem With An E said...

The album is VERY good, but I still believe 'Sambanova' is their greatest musical achievement.

You going to the show at Billboard?

Kamikaze Camel said...

I am dirt poor, so no.

Warren said...

I loved in the video hits special how they were blown away by Elton John's enthusiasm for the album. I really hope it does well in the UK.