Thursday, March 20, 2008

Perceptions on Persepolis

I was reading this article at Yahoo and I just... AAAAGH! It's all about how the French film Persepolis - a black and white film about a girl growing up in Iran and France - is being rereleased in America with an English-language dub. Isn't that nice? Just delightful, no? Now not only have smart Americans been able to see Persepolis, but also stupid Americans who can't read!

Yet, lo and behold, the film - a recent Oscar nominee for Best Animated Feature - has yet to receive an Australian release, with word claiming it's to be released in July or August. The film was originally released in France back in June 2007!

Look, it's not like to don't understand the mechanics of film distribution. If Persepolis was some movie that got minimal buzz on the festival circuit and hadn't won awards then I would understand. It happens all the time. And I don't even care if those sorts of movies go direct-to-DVD. But, Persepolis is an Academy Award-nominee! It is a Golden Globe-nominee. It's a French Cesar Award-winner. It's a Cannes Film Festival-winner. So I don't understand in the slightest why whoever it is who is distributing it would want to hold on to it. It's not like there's any competition for it in the marketplace.

This is the exact same reason why I never saw Sherrybaby or Half Nelson or a bunch of other films that received major buzz and/or awards and nominations. Gone Baby Gone hasn't been released here yet, either!

Oh, but I suppose I really shouldn't complain that about stuff like this. Who cares about The Painted Veil never being released here when, hello, we get Drillbit Taylor a whole day before America did. GO US!



par3182 said...

according to the palace cinemas website the painted veil is finally getting released here on april 24

Kamikaze Camel said...

I'll believe it when I see it.

Anonymous said...

thanks for stating this - i'm getting so frustrated, waiting to see this film.