Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nobody Likes Ewan McGregor

That's the impression I'm getting from this new poster for Deception, which I wrote about recently. I can't quite fathom why they would get rid of Ewan's face from the poster. I say "face" because, well, his forehead is there (including that mole/bump thingy that he has since had removed, right?) and some of his hair too, but his face is all hidden away in Michelle Williams' neck. Did all the press Williams got recently make the designers think she was a more sellable comodity than McGregor?

Other than that it just looks like a general "thriller" poster, doesn't it?


Joe Reid said...

Yeah, but when was the last time Ewan had any pull at the box office? He even got saddled with the blame for The Island flopping. It's a pretty crappy poster, but...I understand.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe he's not a box office star, but I'm admire him in the fact that he's playing characters in movies than he feels OK and he believes in his character. Not many actors in Hollywood have that concept

adam k. said...

Ummmm maybe some person expected Ewan to be able to hoist up a crappy movie into the box office stratosphere all on his own, but I think the blame for the flop lies with said person, not with Ewan.

Or maybe it lies with the director, writer, or Scarlett Johansson. SOOO many people to blame. But I don't think Ewan has a big enough head to think he could make something like The Island a hit all on his own.

Anyway, end of rant.

I do wish Ewan'd be in more successful films, though.

Kamikaze Camel said...

But is Michelle Williams more of an audience puller? I don't think so.

And when discussing The Island it gets tricky. The movie made something like 80% of it's worldwide gross outside of America so something obviously happened in the American domestic marketing with that one.

jessica said...

The Island wasn't well marketed. The trailers looked like crap, and they overemphasized both Michael Bay and the two stars as selling points. And it just didn't have the well-executed pre-build that's required for wannabe 'event' movies.

Anyway, I'm not surprised they don't emphasize Ewan on the Deception poster. He really never has been much of a star in the US, despite marketing types trying to pretend he was for a while after Star Wars.

Catherine said...

I wish Ewan was big again. He's so great. :(

I was watching "The Lady Eve" last night and I swear-to-God, Henry Fonda reminded me of Ewan so much. His teeth, or something.

Jen said...

Ewan's mole was removed in Feb 2007 because of skin cancer. :(

The Island producer Walter Parkes is a jerk. First he said the film's concept and Michael Bay were supposed to be the draw for the audience. Then after the movie flopped in the US, he blamed Ewan and Scarlett.

From Film Monthly, May 2005 --

Talk about the appeal of your two leads, Scarlett and Ewan.

Walter Parkes: There are certain big movies that are only made because of the charisma of the star, and there are other big movies that hopefully the concept of the picture is enough. In those cases what you do is you cast for the characters, you cast not so much are they marquee, are they box office, or do they have a quality that is specifically right for this movie. And we were lucky enough because we think this idea was fascinating enough, and Michael Bay is enough of a household word, that we could really cast for the actor and not for the star.

From Page Six of the NY Post, August 15, 2005 --

...The star is mad as hell at the husband-and-wife producing team of Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald because, as PAGE SIX reported last week, they faulted her and co-star Ewan MacGregor's lack of star power for the movie's flop...

Now the gloves are off, and insiders on the picture are blaming the producers rather than the two young stars.

We're told that Parkes and MacDonald "were only on the set three times" and that they spent three weeks in June, right before the movie's release, on vacation in Italy, where they were "basically uncontactable."

Sources also tattle that director Michael Bay delivered a final print of "The Island" only two days before the press screening and that during a meeting in April at Parkes' office, DreamWorks publicity chief Terry Press admitted, "I have no idea how to market this movie." ...

McGregor couldn't be reached for comment. But he might be even hotter than Johansson, because he had offered to fly to L.A. from London, where he's performing in a play, for the "Island" U.S. premiere — but DreamWorks says there was no money to pay for his flight...

As I remember, Scarlett was sent out on just one late night talk show to promote The Island, and Ewan was in London doing Guys and Dolls. (Sorry this post is so long!)