Sunday, March 23, 2008

Juliette Binoche is Talented

Even moreso than I realised. It turns out she's also a poet. How lovely. She wrote this for Anthony Minghella, the man who directed her to an Oscar (for The English Patient) as well as Breaking and Entering.

To Anthony

I shall learn to live without you.
With all we’ve done and undone
with all the missing parts I’ll have to carry on hoping
you were the bedrock of fun, the laugh that made me laugh
and your hand came with love and care
I could see your thoughts going faster and faster
ahead in their curved complex understanding
your excitements became my excitement in the joy of sharing
my friend of art
you’ve gone missing
we shared a heart beating in this inner world of creation
and your ideas became real to me
I was your angel and you opened my wings
and you were the words I could fly into
my friend of heart
I will carry the unsaid
I will cherish my forgiveness until I see you
and please forgive me for my painful silence
magnetic eyes of yours with its sparkling needles
we dared a gift to the unknown
the search for truth in the battle of being
we attempted a glimpse on the other side
with joy with joy



Catherine said...

I never really got Juliette Binoche. Everytime I see her I just get the impulse to shake her and say "Snap out of it, woman!".

Anonymous said...

Well, for me, Juliette Binoche is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in the european cinema... Great films like Rendez-vous, Three colors: Blue, The unbereable lightness of being, Damage, The English Patient, Cache... and it's touching see an actress doing that.

I remember a story about "The English Patient". Anthony Mighella said in a interview than he always did auditions to find the actors who played the characters, but he has only one exception: He wrote a letter to juliette Binoche giving "Hana" because he admired her especially in "Three clors: Blue" and she accepts.