Friday, March 21, 2008

How Deceptive!

The trailer for Deception is finally up over at MSN Video via My New Plaid Pants. Never heard of it? It's probably because it's gone by many different titles. It was originally Untitled Hugh Jackman Project for the longest time on IMDb, it's gone by The List as well as The Tourist. Only the former seems to make sense from what we see in the trailer (which is too much, so be warned).

Aaanyway. Who cares about all that when it is Hugh Jackman + Ewan McGregor + Sex Club?! There's all sorts of yummy right there. Here's hoping Hugh doesn't ruin his run of taking off his shirt in every single movie! I mean, this one has a sex club in it, surely he must get semi-naked at some point! It just worries me that they don't show it in the trailer. Hmmm. There is also Michelle Williams playing some sort of mysterious blonde.

And, omg, Lisa Gay Hamilton! I'm super psyched to finally see Lisa Gay Hamilton in something again. She's been stuck in "Guest Star" mode since the end of The Practice and a couple of movies nobody saw or cared about. She also has Joe Wright's (Atonement) next movie The Soloist on her resume so maybe she's finally getting back into the game!


Rural Juror said...

You should see Honeydripper if it ever comes to ya. She's great in it.

"If you like working with asses." Oh Hugh!

Joel said...

How good does Michelle Williams look in it too? Plus Maggie Q and I'm there.

JA said...

It wasn't until I just watched the trailer now that I realized that this new title - Deception - is terribly bland, like some low-rent soft-core porn flick title. But I'm still gonna watch it... in hopes that it's a low-rent soft-core flick starring Hugh and Ewan.