Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Jamie Bell

Today is the 22nd birthday of Mr Jamie Bell - exactly five months and one day after my own. Clearly that statistically unimportant figure means we're meant to be together forever, right?

Let us soak it all in for a moment, shall we?

I'd buy what he's selling!

Jamie was recently spotted taking some photos for Vogue and the ever reliable JustJared got their hands on some behind the scenes photos. Isn't he just dreamy? And doesn't it look like he's doing ballet feet in the first photo to the left (below)?

When does Vogue come out on newsstands?

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Anonymous said...

I know Jamie was supposed to be in Vogue but sadly when i opened the may issue it was about half a page and a so so pic...Very dissapointed I am. Does anyone know if that's it?