Thursday, March 13, 2008

Glenn Interviews* Jamie Bell

*All too brief and not at all fictional! No way. Nope. You think I would lie?

Upon arriving in the country he went to his hotel room, got changed, ate a sandwich and then left for our interview. He showed up five minutes late(!) and entered the room, we shook hands and then he took a seat on the couch for our little chit-chat.

Jamie: My apologies for the lateness. I was busy being amazing.

Glenn: That's alright. I completely understand.

J: I knew you'd understand.

G: Blimey! I saw Jumper...

J: Did you like it?

G: ...

J: Did you like it?

G: ...


G: I liked you in it? Does that help?

J: Sort of.

G: You were clearly the best thing about it. That movie couldn't even make Rome look appealing!

J: That's so true, and by that I mean Doug Liman is a mad genius, 'cause that's what I've been saying on the publicity tour.

G: Hayden Christensen's character was so mean. He begged you to help him and then he electrocuted you in wartorn Bosnia... or, I think that's what happened. The movie wasn't very clear. I also found it bizarre that his character seemed to just "jump" with no worry of ever being caught. he jumps right into the middle of a crowded bar for cryin' out loud!

this part was fun!

J: Okay, so we all know the movie was a load of tosh, but wasn't I just delicious though?

G: Definitely. The movie was just so poorly done. You deserve an award for making it watchable. I give it a C for you.

J: Speaking of awards, when am I finally going to get an UMA award?

G: Umm...

J: No, really!

G: Hallam Foe is released this month so we'll see after that. Hey, I'm predicting you to get an Academy award nomination next year! Does that count for something?

J: Yes. Let's make out.

It was at this stage that my photoshopping "skills" deserted me and I turned into a blonde-haired woman! Because it was easier.

J: That was fun.



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