Saturday, March 22, 2008

Vincent Promises

I watched David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises the other night. I liked it well enough - about the same as Cronenberg's much more lauded A History of Violence, actually - but you know what I would have prefered? If they had taken the whole Vincent Cassel-wants-to-root-Viggo-Mortensen angle and made a whole movie about that! Yummy. And because this is my blog (so who's gonna stop me?) here is a bunch of pictures of Vincent. All those scenes where it looked like his Russian mobster may attach himself to Viggo's face? I just wanted them to so bad!

Maybe it's a sign of my feelings towards the movie that it was that scenario that kept ruminating throughout my mind. Hmmm...

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And, of course, this being Vincent Cassel, finding NSFW images ain't exactly hard. They're so easy to find, in fact, that I'm just gonna link you straight to 'em. Here ya go! Isn't the world a better place for having him in it?

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