Saturday, February 9, 2008

When Bad Posters Strike: Sex and Death 101

From IMP comes this poster for Sex and Death 101 starring Bridgit Fonda an unrecognisable Winona Ryder and an unintelligent Simon Baker. Look and be amazed!!!

[click and watch it grow]

Isn't this poster just terrible. Like, not just "oh that's a bad poster" terrible. I mean fully eye-poppingly terrible. I stared at my computer screen for several minutes just digesting the horridness on display.

The first issue I had with it was that this actress on the poster is being credited as "Winona Ryder". This is surely not the case, right? It doesn't look anything like her. No, it's not good ol' Wino, it is - and I'm quite certain of this - Bridgit Fonda circa 1992. That was when Fonda was kicking butt in early '80s-style action thrillers like Single White Female and Point of No Return (aka The Assassin), the type of movies that these days either star Ashley Judd or are made for TV. The poster for the latter was the very first thing that popped into my mind. Seriously, take a look. It's not even the pose, it's the face. Winona actually looks like Bridget and it's creeping me out.

But then take that poster and make it really really really shite and you're sort of close to how bad the Sex and Death 101 poster is. And then... then there's the kicker. The ace in the oh-dear-god hole that is this poster.



I have nothing against the man. I'm surprised he still has a career, but seriously. I mean SERIOUSLY! Is that not a ridiculous image of him to throw on your movie poster? He looks wasted! At least Bridget Wino is striking a semi/sorta/not really fierce pose there (her face fading to black by the way, wtf?) he just looks like he got out of a bong shed and got confused when they asked him to pose for a photo.

And that's about all I really want to discuss about this poster because it's seriously weirding me out. Like, that's Bridgit Fonda!!! Or, and this is the sad part, it could just be because I've forgotten what Winona Ryder looks like. Poor girl.


Brutal Kind said...

haha...I love my Winona. I want to yell at you and tell you that you are wrong.

*haha* But I can't. XD It's all true.

Melinda Seckington said...

Besides the problems you mention, I also find it weird that it has this whole "thriller"-y vibe to it. isn't this movie supposed to be a comedy??

Joel said...

Funniest thing about this movie - hits theaters in the US on Feb 22, hits DVD shelves in Oz on March 5!

Kamikaze Camel said...

Melinda, apparently it's a romantic comedy!

Joel, the poster looks very direct-to-DVD, so I suppose it would make sense.

Yaseen Ali said...

I so desperately want Winona to enjoy a comeback that is worthy of her. She had such an amazing run in the 90s, and it hurts to think what could have been had the shoplifting scandal never happened.

J.D. said...

Speaking of which, whatever happened to Bridget Fonda?

Kamikaze Camel said...

JD, we don't go there. It's a sad area.