Friday, February 1, 2008

What Is It With Mike Vogel?

I first saw Mike Vogel in the 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake looking super sexy all sweaty and scruffy in a wifebeater (when he wasn't, ya know, being shoved on meat hooks, having his legs chainsawed off and getting stabbed by Jessica Biel). I think the next time I saw him was in 2006's epically ridiculous remake of Poseidon. Other than those I don't think I had seen him in anything else (a quick check of IMDb tells me he was in Rumour Has It, but I don't remember him) until today when I went to see Cloverfield. He's (SPOILER) not in it very long but at least it was good casting because he looked a lot like the actor playing his brother (some actor by the name of Michael Shahl-David, if you've heard of him before you're doing better than me).

But my issue with Vogel is that on one hand I find him incredibly sexy when he's not prettied up, but when he is he becomes instantly boring. Take these two pictures for instance. The top one is his IMDb profile image as a matter of fact - one of the rare times wher the profile image is a great one - and he looks soooo good in it. Yet then the second one (via MNPP) is just so... zzzzzzzzzzz, ya know? Dripping wet or not. Oh well. Maybe he's just the sort of guy who really needs a bit of scruff on his face to make the difference. I don't care what Rural Juror says on the matter. Or maybe it's the longer hair? I think it may be combination of the two? Long hair definitely suits him more than the short, which kind of makes him look like a teenager.

I've also thrown in a picture from Texas Chainsaw Massacre because, well, let's just say I envy Erica Leerhsen on the days she got to straddle him and make out with him for hours on end in a stinkin' hot van. Or is that going a bit too far?

Nah, never....


Anonymous said...

God your site is pathetic.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Yet you're still here.

Bless you.

Yaseen Ali said...

I've noticed this too, and bless you for saying it.

Scruffy TCM 2003 Vogel >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Vogel elsewhere