Friday, February 1, 2008

Tyler Perry's Bad Movie Posters

Tyler Perry. I can't say I particularly know him outside of these posters and reading articles about how "critics are out of touch" whenever his movies are released in America to scathing reviews but giant box office. His movies don't get theatrical releases down here, just direct-to-dvd.

One thing I have noticed though is that all his movies have great first posters, which are quickly eaten whole by terrible hidious second ones. Observe.

(click all images to enlarge)

Diary of a Man Black Woman

The first purple design is very tasteful and isn't the sort of image you associate with this type of movie. It's simply gorgeous. The second design is nice too with that rich brown colour and the texture of the woman's face and hair, although you can sense a bit of weirdness with the character of "Madea" (I have no idea) thrown in the corner there. Still, when it gets to the third one? Subtlety just goes flying right out the window.

Madea's Family Reunion

eek. That's just ghastly and don't even get me started on the "Tyler Perry's" at the start of the title. Double possessives are wrong wrong wrong exclamation point! The first poster is really great with the jigsaw puzzle. That says something. That is actually kind of beautiful. Yet, that second one? Yikes. I wanna stab my eyes after looking at that thing for too long.

Meet the Browns

And now for Tyler Perry's latest assault we have Meet the Browns. The first teaser poster is nice. I like the inventive way they included the title on the suitcase and even this simple image (even though it is surrounded by empty white space, my arch enemy) conveys a lot.

Yet, the second paster is just frightful. There's that annoying face of Madea looking out at us - by the way, is he meant to look like the worst man-dressed-as-a-woman ever? - but the real eyesore is... whatever that man is. Is that Perry again? We also revert back to boring title design and whereas the image of the overflowing suitcase before seemed like it stood for something now it's just... there. Are they going on a road trip? What does that tag line "You can only pack accordingly" even mean? The image of the suitcase went so much better with the "Leave your baggage at the door" tag from the teaser.

And that ends today's lecture.

edit - After making this entry I found that Movie Poster Addict did a similar write-up about the Meet the Browns poster.


J.D. said...

Films of his I'd like see: Tyler Perry's Let Murder Tyler Perry and Tyler Perry's Tyler Perry's Solemn and Dignified Funeral (both starring Madea).

And Glenn, it's Diary of a Mad Black Woman, not Man Black Woman. Even though he is a Man Black Woman. I'm confused.

(Tyler Perry's) DAMN YOU, TYLER PERRY!!

JS said...

Wait a minute, that last poster....... ANGELA BASSETT?! NOOOOOO!!!!!! He already ruined Jill Scott now he's gonna have a go at Angela Bassett?

Kamikaze Camel said...

Maybe it will become a hit and she'll become a star again. Maybe...

Rural Juror said...

saying 'critics are out ouf touch' b/c they don't embrace Tyler Perry's sorry excuse for films is kind of ridiculous. It's like saying they're out of touch for not embracing Meet the Spartans

Barry said...

What about the posters for Why Did I Get Married?

Kamikaze Camel said...

I don't love or hate either of the posters for Married so I left it out.