Thursday, February 14, 2008

Link World

Some links for your reading before I head off to see There Will Be Blood. Yay!

As Cool as a Fruitstand thinks Ghost World > Juno. There are some things in life I'm not sure about (what exactly is it that makes m&ms better than smarties?) but Ghost World > Juno is something I am 100% committed certain on. No argument whatsoever. Just goes to show how the Academy is changing. If you click on the ad to the left there you could transpose those quotes to ads for Juno and nobody would notice, yet somehow Juno is the one with a best picture nomination and Ghost World couldn't even get an acting nod for it's "overdue" co-star Steve Buscemi. Weird world, too.

The Film Experience looks at this year's Oscar ceremony presenters and just who will be singing the nominated song from Enchanted "That's How You Know"? You may be surprised.

Nathaniel also starts up the Top 10 of We Can't Wait 2008, a feature that I've been involved in. #10 is Sex and the City: The Movie - tired debates abound.

My New Plaid Pants is filled with sexy sexy men lately. No particular entry, but by just scrolling down you'll see Ryan Reynolds, Christian Bale (circa American Psycho), Jamie Bell, Hugh Jackman and Bai Ling Shia LeBeouf.

Strange Culture is trying to seperate the Quality for the Quirky of 1980s cinema. Apparently Silkwood isn't good enough (!!!).

EW on the long trying road to direct-to-DVD for I Could Never Be Your Woman, starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Paul Rudd and Saiorse Ronan.

The Guardian on the long trying road to finally screening Danny Boyle's Alien Love Triangle one of the "lost films" of this generation.

Rural Juror has a piece on yet another reason why Jane Fonda is amazing and the Oscar Class of '08. Both very funny.


FranklinBluth said...

wait... have you seen Juno?

Kamikaze Camel said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking!

I managed to get a hold of "I could never be your woman", but I still need to find the time to watch it. A "My Year of Flops" piece was written about it over at the Onion AV club and they deemed it a "Secret Success", it's really a pity they didn't even give it a shot in cinemas.

RC said...

sorry i didn't like silkwood as much as you.

other than goonies, i would gladly take your other 80s recommendations...unless you're afraid they'll get dissed.

Anonymous said...

I'm not convinced that Ghost World is better than Juno at all. I liked both a lot, but I might give the edge to Juno.

But, frankly, the idea that Juno's worldview isn't challenged is ludicrous - and she actually seems to learn from it, whereas Enid skips town (it's been a while since I've seen Ghost World, though, so the details are fuzzy). I mean, isn't that the point of the reversal of the Bateman and Garner characters? The "cool guy" is a cad and the "square" is the admirable human being?

adam k. said...

I would agree that the film Ghost World is better than Juno in that it panders less and challenges more. It just feels more authentic and lived in, and gives us less of a hipster fairy tale and more of a real slice of existential angst. Also, ScarJo in Ghost World > Juno's stupid friend (by a mile).

BUT I think, in terms of the actual characters and performances, Juno > Enid. Ellen Page is much more nuanced and sympathetic in terms of what she brings to the character, whereas Thora Birch as Enid just annoys me. In fact, Thora Birch always annoys me.

Basically, I'd say Ghost World triumphs easily in writing and direction (which put it over the top on the whole), but the acting in Juno is generally superior. Great case of a top notch cast elevating a sophomoric script.

Now, cast Ellen Page as Enid in Ghost World and stick her with ScarJo in that gem of a script, and you could really have something there.