Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Janet Complex

It may be surprising, I prefer Janet Jackson circa 1986-1997 than Madonna. Listen to her albums Control, Rhythm Nation 1814, janet. and The Velvet Rope together and that's a daaamn impressive list. Her career has been tainted these last few years by ridiculous scandals and dud albums - Damita Jo was the nadir if you ask me - whereas Madonna just keeps pumping the classics out.

Janet, however, is back with a new CD called Discipline, a title that certainly doesn't give us any hope that she's moving on from having sex in the recording studio and then releasing it under the guise of music. First single "Feedback", listen here, was a nice start. A bit too robotic, perhaps, but a nice start nonetheless.

Now, however, Ms Jackson (i'm nasty, okay) has put two new tracks up on her website's Jukebox and they have immedialely piqued my interest. "Rock With U" is a very good dance-infused track and reminded me of Madonna's Confessions on a Dance Floor album (particularly "Get Together" even if it's not as good). It's also one of those songs, like - for instance - Rihanna's "Don't Stop the Music" that sounds like it's already a remix of a shittier song. Except it's not. So, yay for that! That it was produced by Jermaine Dupri is surprising considering he sucks! And then "Luv" is more hip-hop inclined but is the kind of hip-hop that you can dance to (aka, the good kind).

I'm officially excited, so here's hoping the rest of Discipline is just as good (hell, let's hope it's better).

Source, Kevipod


Woodstock said...

honestly all i really care about her is son of a gun!

James Henry said...

I absolutely loved Janet pre-Nipplegate! I listened to "Design of a Decade" so many times I'm surprised I never wore the damn CD out. I have to admit that I did love the singles from "All for You" (In America, they were All for You, Someone to Call My Lover & Son of a Gun) but the rest of the album wasn't up to par.

I can't say that she was better than The Madonna in the 80's (because she's, well, The Madonna) but she was certainly a rival to her.