Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm a Bad Jamie Bell Fan

I've had these two things sitting here all week and I just never got around to posting them, which is a very bad thing for everyone involved because it involves naked Jamie Bell and I think we can all appreciate naked Jamie Bell, right?

But, firstly, have you seen the new poster for Hallam Mister Foe that I saw at IMP. They've apparently decided to change the name from Hallam Foe (the lead character's name) to Mister Foe. An odd decision considering the only people who could possibly want to see this movie (let's face it, it's not that many) have known it as Hallam Foe so it's not like this is going to achieve anything other than confusion.

Nevermind. Hallam Foe (no name change) is set for a DVD premier down here in March, so says my DVD service Quickflix.

And, yes, OMG Blog reminded me today that I had NSFW pictures of my husband sitting idle on my computer in my Jamie Bell image folder (yes yes) and I hadn't posted them yet. They are from Hallam Foe (yet another reason to anticipate that movie) and while the goodies aren't all on display, I think we can all apreciate a bit of Jamie Bell nudie lovin', no? There are waaaay more images over yonder. Don't enjoy them all at once, folks.

You may start drooling now.


sora said...

Um, ahem?

You're welcome.

Kamikaze Camel said...

teehee. I'd seen some of them, too! But thanks! Lovely.

richardwatts said...

Mmmmm. Nice arse.

JA said...

Heh, I'd almost forwarded these to you last week when I first saw them, Glenn, but I figured you'd HAD to have seen them on your own.

Nice arse indeed.

Hedwig said...

Hey! I just saw Jumper and Jamie Bell's pretty much the best part of it, makes me wish they'd cast him in the lead role instead of pretty, but sucky-at-romance Darth Vader Jr. He doesn't get nekkid, alas, but you can't have everything, I guess.

Yaseen Ali said...

Yeah, I thought about forwarding a link to you, but immediately thought "He's probably all over these." And I was right.

I am now more motivated to hit the gym after seeing these pictures.

Adem With An E said...





Anonymous said...

I have offically married Jamie bell ass! LOL I love his naked lets hope he does more nude scenes

Anonymous said...

jamie's ass is 2 hot. I love how jeans suit him.