Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Believe in Kylie

I had kept my eyes off of any clips relating to The Kylie Show, hoping that it would eventually make it's way to Australian TV. It did. Last night. And it was about freakin' time!

It was nice enough, some good performances of great songs, mostly from her new album X, which is quite good. Still, the two best moments for me were the performances of two older songs. 1987's "Got to be Certain" just proves that the SAW-era was totally amazing and not as lame as people like to say it was. Nevertheless my favourite was one of the only non-performance sequences. It's Kylie performing her a-fuckin-mazing single from a few years back "I Believe In You" (co-written by the Scissor Sisters). This time, however, it's transformed into a totally beautiful and moving ballad, which just proves that Kylie can do ballads.


Jose said...

I think she'd proved that with The Crying Game section in her Fever tour. But this perf kicks ass, her Faye Dunaway-ness in it makes her look absolutely gorgeous.

Woodstock said...

totally agree with jose. the crying game from kyliefever is perfection. and i loved all of the kylie show - especially the one.