Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Crocs Over Sydney!!!!!

No, it's not a wacky quirky romantic comedy! Moviehole is reported about a publicity stunt gone hilariously wrong in Sydney for the new Aussie horror flick Black Water.

Black Water is yet another Aussie crocodile movie, following on from the footsteps of Rogue. But whereas that one was a big old fashioned monster movie, Black Water is apparently a much smaller and scarier film. It's apparently like comparing Jaws to Open Water. Hey, that comparison actually works quite well! Nevertheless, the makers of Black Water seem to have simply copied and pasted the plot from Rogue onto their own website:

Black Water the movie is an Australian crocodile film about a rogue crocodile that attacks some tourists in their boat.

Aaanyway, that's not the point of this entry. The point of this entry is about the marketing hook that went awry.

A giant inflatable croc was attached to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, yet somehow managed to become unattached and reeked havoc around the city!!! Seriously, some of the footage below looks like lost footage from Cloverfield, I kid you not!

Isn't that just a riot? I love the shot from the skyscraper of the crocodile slowly coming towards it. Teehee. I've also included the trailer below, which looks promising. Can I just how happy I am that Australian filmmakers are finally embracing genre films again. There's a few coming out this year that I am aware of, so that's tops!


JS said...

Hilarious. For a moment there I thought smoke was coming out of it as it spun around and thought, "Gamera?" But awww, just clouds.

J.D. said...

Oh. My. God.


jessica said...

Oh my god that's hilarious!