Wednesday, February 13, 2008

100 Greatest Movie Posters: First Half Round-Up

Well folks, we're 50 posters down into the countdown of the 100 Greatest Movie Posters (of all time) (according to me) countdown. We've already seen some, what people may call, "upsets" - posters that routinely make it to the high level of these sorts of countdown (fact: there's actually not that many of this type of countdown anywhere on the internet). Posters like those for Casablanca, Alien and Sullivan's Travels have already been handed a place alongside unlikely candidates such as House of Wax, Pink Flamingos and Teorema.

So far, positions 100-51 looks like this:

100. I Shot Andy Warhol
99. Andy Warhol's Bad
98. The Holy Mountain
97. Salón México
96. Diva
95. The Breakfast Club
94. The Triumph of the Will
93. Chungking Express
92. Holy Smoke!
91. Swimming Pool
90. Vanishing Point
89. Needful Things
88. Dead & Buried
87. Lost in Translation
86. Ordinary People
85. The General
84. The Cranes are Flying
83. Scanners
82. Irreversible
81. American Gigolo
80. Blow-Up
79. Mulholland Drive
78. The Thing
77. All Neat in Black Stockings
76. The Producers

75. Sullivan's Travels
74. Gallipoli
73. American Psycho
72. Black Orpheus
71. Teorema
70. The Blair Witch Project
69. Tootsie
68. The Fan
67. 42nd Street
66. Hard Candy
65. 2001: A Space Odyssey
64. Alien
63. Escape from New York
62. Pink Flamingos
61. House of Wax
60. Gone with the Wind
59. A Nightmare on Elm Street
58. Mean Streets
57. Straw Dogs
56. Phantom of the Paradise
55. A Clockwork Orange
54. Casablanca
53. The Testament of Dr Mabuse
52. American Gangster
51. Bunny Lake is Missing

As we march on into the top 50 (that's top 50 posters ever made!!!) we have Hollywood thrillers, silent romances, cheap horror thrills, Polish reinterpretations, blaxploitation, sexploitation and and an altogether brilliant bunch of posters as we get closer to the reveal of the greatest movie poster of all time (according to me). What will it be and will anybody agree? I could give you a completely ridiculous and vague clue such as, perhaps, the director of the #1 film has already directed one of the films ranked between #100 and #51. Or I could not.

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